New to yoga?
Whether you've never stepped foot on a yoga mat in your life or you've been Taraksvasana-ing since you were a kid... Windsor Yoga Family has something for you.

But you know what? We're not the right studio for everyone. If you're looking for a fashion show, it's not here. If you're looking for a little friendly competition as you move through ain't gonna happen here. Because we pride ourselves on offering a different kind of yoga class—one that is accessible, yet challenging (no matter your skill level).


Your packing list is pretty simple: You + Mat* + Water
For heated classes, you may want a towel as well.
The list of what NOT to bring is longer: hiking boots, dogs, cats, crappy attitudes, offensive body odor...

Note: we only accept credit cards, even at the studio.

*If you don't have a mat, that's OK—we've got one for you to borrow.


You should wear clothes that you can move in, but nothing so loose that it's going to get in your way. Note that we practice in barefeet, so we ask that all footwear (socks and shoes) stay outside of the studio. There are cubbies available in the hallway just past the lobby.


We highly recommend that you enroll in class beforehand to streamline the check-in process.  Our hot yoga classes have a limit of 10 students and non-heated classes have a limit of 20 students, therefore the only way to guarantee a spot is to register early either online or on our Windsor Yoga Family app.

Prior to class, please check-in at the front desk (sign in is a breeze if you've pre-enrolled online.  If you haven't, please allow extra time for check-in prior to your first class).

Arrive to class on time (on time actually means 5-10 minutes before the start of the class to set-up and prepare).

Please help us keep our studio floors clean by removing footwear prior to entering the studio; we've provided hooks and cubbies to store shoes, socks, and other items that don't belong in the studio.

Avoid the use of any technology before, during, or after class, except in the lobby area.

If you're borrowing a yoga mat or equiptment, please treat them with respect and be sure to give them a good wipedown before returning the equipment or hanging the mat on our laundry rack.

Our heated room, Chimney Park, is only for ages 13 and up!  
Children handle high temperatures differently than adults. They have a higher surface-area-to-mass ratio, which means they absorb heat more than adults do. They also have a smaller blood volume, which makes it harder for them to dissipate the heat. Lastly, they have a slower rate of sweat production than adults, and sweating is a mechanism to cool us off.  Children are not 'mini adults' -- and should not be treated as such.

Cancellation Policy - if you pre-register and cancel before the class starts you will not get charged for that class.  However, if you pre-register and do not show up for class, your account will get charged.