Pricing & Packages
Note: we only accept credit cards, even at the studio.  
New Student Special:
7 Days UNLIMITED for $30
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Kids Drop In​​

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Regularly purchased classes will not be charged to your account if you cancel your reservation before the start of class.  Dynamic Pricing classes purchased through Mindbody are non-refundable if not used regardless cancelled before or after class.
Class Packages
Purchase your classes in bulk and save on each class!
Valid for 6 months from date of purchase
Adult Class Packages

5 classes: $65 ($13/class)
10 classes: $120 ($12/class)
15 classes: $165 ($11/class)
20 classes: $200 ($10/class)
Kids Class Packages

5 classes: $50 ($10/class)
10 classes: $90 ($9/class)
15 classes: $120 ($8/class)
20 classes: $140 ($7/class)
No refunds, credits, transfers, extensions or sharing.
Multiple kids? Siblings can share class packages!
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FusionFIT Combo Package

8 yoga classes at WYF
8 fitness classes at FusionFIT

$175 (under $11/class)
FusionFIT Kids
Summer Program

Ages 4-9
8 yoga classes at WYF
8 fitness classes at FusionFIT

$160 ($10/class)
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Kids Combo
Unlimited Memberships
The more classes you attend, the more you save!
Convenient monthly auto-pay
Family memberships include immediate family only

Individual: $110 /month
Family: $185/month
6 Months

Individual: $90 /month
Family: $160/month
12 Months

Individual: $75 /month
Family: $135/month

Kids Unlimited
18 years and younger
Includes all siblings

*30 day notice required to cancel membership
*6 & 12 month membership auto-pay buyout to cancel: $250 for individual / $450 for family
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